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For Banks

  • Pre Printed pin mailers
  • Continuous envelopes
  • Multi color certificate printing
  • Banking and credit card statements
  • Security printing
  • ATM rolls, Thermal rolls, Charge slip rolls, Adding machine rolls
  • Personalized cheque books, Demand Drafts, Pay orders

For Courier Industries

  • Courier consignment notes with firm markings
  • MIS reports and total product handling with personalized and client specific customized solutions

For Service Industries

  • Advertising and Branding services on printed products
  • Tear Coupons for promotional schemes
  • Skip printing on Continuous stationery
  • Forms processing viz scanning, Indexing, Retrieving
  • Variable data printing, Print on Demand, Utility bill printing
  • E- publishing and Laser printing products
  • Envelope stuffing with multiple inserts
  • Capacity to handle bulk mailing and transferring to any logistics partner

For Educational Institutions

  • Confidential work
  • OMR Sheets and Hall tickets
  • Document scanning, indexing and Archiving services
  • Intelligent character recognition technology based solution for forms processing
  • Examination results processing
  • Laminated cards

For Large Corporate groups

  • Laminated cards
  • Secret Salary slips
  • Pay Pouches
  • Stickers and labels Printed
  • A4 & A3 cut sized sheets Pre printed
  • Printed formats using self carbon paper
  • Handmade and machine made Envelopes
  • Printing of Brochures, Annual reports, Product catalogues and Office stationeries

Our Facilities


A fully fledged computerized studio operating in secure zone, work stations driven by sophisticated software enabling high speed data processing and high tech designing for quality printing. High resolution scanners help in our quest for quality.

Quality-Check Procedures

To ensure that the products we deliver are absolutely error-free, we put the client inputs through a rigorous check. Once the quality of inputs is checked and errors fixed, we check for improvements that may be required.

Software Technologies Applied:

In order to improve the quality of inputs, procedures like image manipulation and re-touching are performed.

Ensuring Client Approval and Satisfaction before Printing

To ensure that the delivery of products are absolutely free of any possible fault, we at MehraForms lay a huge emphasis on sending proofs to the client for approval. This is done at the processing stage.

In order to maintain close matches of the colors between those that the client approves and the printed press sheet, we regularly perform a certain process called ‘calibration’ on the proofers. We also leave a lot of room for the possibility of receiving urgent job orders, where the turnaround time may be very short. In such cases, we also provide proofs to the client, checking, in the form of PDF ‘soft-proofs’.

Keeping Pace Easily in the Digital Age:

It is obvious that printing technology has greatly evolved. At MehraForms, we are in tune with and apply the latest that digital technology has brought to the field.

Provision for the Archiving of Client Jobs:

To be able to keep a record of the history of work that was done for individual clients, we at Mehra Forms have made provisions for a full-fledged archiving system. Such a provision saves lot of time and effort as reprints of existing jobs can easily be made. Changes to existing jobs too can easily be performed before printing, by referring to the records in the client’s archives

Although it is a stage that precedes actual printing, we at MehraForms take the Pre-press stage very seriously, and ensure that it is beyond any inconsistency before moving to the printing stage.


We are equipped with multiple machines to undertake various needs of the customer.

Post Press:

What goes last is seen first.

We focus on finishing enhancing the value of the printed product.

Perfect binding machines, Automatic feeder stichers, Shrink wrap packing machines are only a few of the equipments that are used in enhancing the value of the finished product at our premises.

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